Bartolome Island


Isla Bartolomé es una de las gemas más impresionantes y fotogénicas del archipiélago de Galápagos, situada al norte de la isla principal de Santa Cruz. Esta pequeña isla volcánica, de aproximadamente 1,2 kilómetros cuadrados, cautiva a los visitantes con sus paisajes surrealistas, vida silvestre única y aguas cristalinas ideales para el snorkel.

La isla es un laboratorio natural de formaciones volcánicas fascinantes, con rocas negras y formaciones de lava que crean un paisaje lunar asombroso. Los campos de lava petrificada y los conos volcánicos ofrecen una visión única de la historia geológica de Galápagos.

Tour a Isla Bartolomé

Tiempo de viaje
2 horas, 20 min.
Salida 6 am 
Retorno 5 pm

Detalle de visitas: 
– Bartolome Island
– Sullivan Bay (Santiago Island)

– Equipo de snorkel
– ⁠Desayuno (opcional)
– ⁠Almuerzo 
– ⁠Transporte terrestre y marítimo
– ⁠Guía

Detalle del Tour:

Tour description:

Early in the morning, transfer to Baltra to start our navigable tour to Bartholomew.

Our adventure to Bartolomé Island will begin at the indicated meeting place and time. With its iconic pinnacle, this island is located northwest of Santa Cruz. Here we will have the opportunity to see one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Galapagos Islands while learning about the volcanic origins of the Islands

Upon arriving at Bartolome, we will have a dry landing. Then, we will begin the walk along a path that will take us to the top of the island. The 395 steps will end with a spectacular panoramic view of the island and its pinnacle, being the moment to take that stunning photo of our trip.
We will observe small lava tunnels from the last eruption during the walk. Here endemic vegetation grows, such as lava cacti and tiquilla plants, generally surrounded by Darwin’s finches. Did you know that volcanic ash made Pinnacle Rock?
After being impressed by the view from this point, we will enjoy a zodiac ride along the coast.
Then, with some luck, we will see the only tropical penguin and the second smallest in the world, the penguin from Galapagos, Marine turtles, sea lions, multicolor fish.

Sullivan Bay

After a breathtaking experience in Bartolome, we will enjoy a succulent lunch onboard the YACHT Then, we will head towards Sullivan Bay, where we will enjoy the marine fauna of the Galapagos while we snorkel.

Sullivan Bay is one of the most beautiful places in the Galapagos to snorkel due to its crystal- clear waters!

Meeting point
Departing pier: Itabaca 
Arriving pier: Itabaca 
Coming hour: 17h00 approx